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Sediment cartridges can be used at point of use or for whole house filtration.  Sediment filters help to remove any sediment from the service water or as a polishing filter following water treatment equipment to catch any slipping of iron or sediment.  The Ralph Reinhart Company offers a variety of sediment filters to choose from.  Contact the office or your sales representative for a list of options.

sediment filters



Carbon cartridges are used as point of use filtration or for whole house filtration of bad taste and odor.  Carbon filters also excel at removing chlorine from municipal water feeds leaving fresh water with no chemical smell or taste.  The Ralph Reinhart Company offers a number or different carbon cartridges to suit any of your filtration needs, feel free to contact the office or your sales representative for more information.

carbon cartridges



Cartridge filtration can be used for multiple applications and be extremely effective.  Cartridges can be used at a point of use, for whole house filtration, or for polishing filters following water treatment equipment.  The Ralph Reinhart Company would be happy to fit your application with the right filter for you.

specialty filters


The Ralph Reinhart Company stocks a variety of different filter housings to fit any application, from hot water housings to 20" big blue, we have what you need.  Please contact your sales representative for specifications.

filter housings


Spin down filters are an extremely easy and efficient way to remove sediment from well water and with just the twist of a handle, the unit is self cleaning.  The Ralph Reinhart Company offers a number of different filter combinations to solve any sediment problem you encounter.  Contact your sales representative for a full list of options.

spin down filters